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Tue May 14 01:01:08 GMT 2002

»Andrew Bartlett« sagte am 2002-05-13 um 20:10:46 +1000 :
> Yes, by design.  The volume of this list is too much for some, and we
> would not want this to restrict who can ask (often quite legitimate)
> questions.

Well, there's always the digest option.  But while I don't agree (who
cares?), I can understand the reasoning.  IMO if someone asks a question
on the list, the answer should be send to the list as well, so that the
archives benefit from the answers.

But it's your (or rather the listmasters) decision and that's all I'm
gonna say to this.

> Yes, we occasionally get spam, virri etc - but it's pretty good, thanks
> to the hard work of the listmaster.

Yes, for an open list there are surprisingly few spam mails.


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