[Samba] 2.2.4: NT ACL problems

Ralf Fassel ralfixx at gmx.de
Sun May 12 13:18:02 GMT 2002

Just tried the new 2.2.4, and ran into the following problem:

The NT client is performing an fopen(file,"r") from the NT NutCracker
Library, which obviously sends an NT SID information with the request
(the M$-fopen() doesn't, but for various reasons we have to cope with
the NutCracker version).

The samba server is now first trying to map the SID to a user id,
which we can work around, but then for some reason tries to do a
chown() on the file which fails, because it is owned by some other
user.  Why ever a plain `open-for-read' should try to change the
ownership of a file is beyond my abilities to grok.

If I try the same program on some NT-local file which is owned by the
administrator, the fopen() succeeds.  It looks like NT ignores the
chown() request, or maybe the Samba server is misinterpreting
something here?

If anybody could give me a hint how to proceed from here, I'd be very

(a courtesy CC of any response to this would be nicem though I'll
check the archives)

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