[Samba] Win98 SE - problem with copying to shares

Niklas Palmqvist npalmqvist at shipco.com
Tue May 14 00:14:02 GMT 2002

> Hi all,
> i have problems when copying to my shares from win98 to samba on redhat
> Win starts copying but bracks with error, that the share is no longer
> available or is removed!
> does anyone know what that means???
> I can create folders and browse through the shared folder, I also can
> Any hints how i will be able to copy to that share?

Don't know if it is related to your problem, but I experienced what you are
describing and this turned out to be a bad network card in the Samba box.
Browsing etc was fine, but when I tried to put some pressure on it and copy
large files, shares were 'lost'.



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