[Samba] After reIP, Samba hosts not browsable.

C. Bensend benny at bennyvision.com
Sat May 11 20:17:02 GMT 2002

On Sat, 11 May 2002, Van Sickler, Jim wrote:

Hello Jim,

> Odd...Does the WINS server have a static
> mapping for any of the old network hosts?


> You might try flushing the WINS database
> and letting it rebuild.

The NT guys try not to touch their WINS servers
unless they're really broken, but I think you're
probably right - this might just fix it.  I will
ask them if they're willing to do this on Monday.

> Does the server have a 15-character name?
> There have been some issues discussed
> lately re: that...

Nope...  A smattering of names between 5 and
13 characters.

> Try using a different name for the samba
> server and see if it becoems browseable...

While I haven't done this exact thing, I _have_
brought up a few new Samba servers just to see
if the old information was being "cached" or
something (I'll easily admit I know nothing about
WINS).  The new hosts are _not_ browsable (which
further points to the WINS servers not being
totally happy with the reIP).

Thanks very much for the suggestions - I'll see
if the NT folks are willing to flush the entire
WINS database.  I'd still appreciate any further
suggestions or ideas - I'm rather surprised that
no one has seen this problem before.

Thanks again!  :)


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