[Samba] After reIP, Samba hosts not browsable.

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Fri May 10 10:29:02 GMT 2002

Did you update the hosts/lmhosts files on
all of the servers & clients?  If not,
they still contain the IP info from your
old scheme...


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> Subject: [Samba] After reIP, Samba hosts not browsable.
> Hey folks,
> 	We recently reIP'ed our main office LAN.  Ever since
> this was done, none of our Samba hosts are browsable via
> Network Neighborhood.  While they are still availible via
> Start -> Run -> \\servername, it's an annoying inconvenience.
> Stats:
> 	* PDC and BDC are NT domain controllers
> 	* Samba hosts are running several versions of Samba,
> 	  from the later 2.0.* releases, through 2.2.1 and
> 	  2.2.3
> 	* Samba hosts include Linux, IRIX, HP-UX, and Solaris
> 	To me, this points at a WINS problem, but deleting the
> machine account from the domain and adding a new one does no
> good.  Unfortunately, since WINS is such a black art (at least
> to me), the NT admins can't figure out where the problem lies,
> either.
> 	I doubt if this is a problem with Samba itself, but I'm
> hoping that since we're all here because we're integrating *NIX
> with Windows networks, someone might have run into this problem
> before.
> Any help would be much appreciated!  If you need further info,
> I'll be happy to provide it.
> Thanks!
> Benny
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