[Samba] Win98 join a PDC

Alex Moen alexm at ndtel.com
Fri May 10 06:04:15 GMT 2002

Good information, and I will definitely investigate this.  However, my
domain right now is in a test situation (working on replacing an NT 4.0
domain with this) and is not on our main network which does consist of Cisco
switches.  I have it set up on a small cheapo switch, isolated from the main
network, where the only thing that is on the switch is the Samba box, the
W2K box, and the W98 client.  Also, DHCP shows no signs of any problems: the
workstation gets an address with no delay.

Any other ideas that I can try?



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> >Alex Moen wrote:
> >> Wierd thing #1:  Windows 98 client will NOT connect on first attempt:
> >> type in username and password, hit enter, wait 2 minutes, failure
> >> message.  Click OK on the failure popup, hit enter again on the login
> >> dialogue, wait another 2 minutes and client logs in almost
> perfectly (by
> >> almost: trouble with home directory %u thingie).  Any ideas?
> >>
> >I am not sure this is a samba issue. I have also seen this once a
> >Windows NT 4 PDC and a somebody reported me this on a Windows 2000 ADC
> >(always with windows 98). Seemed to have to do with networking stuff.
> >
> >
> >I the Windows 2000 case, the guy that told me had contacted CISCO (they
> >were using a CISCO layer 3 switch) and CISCO changed some stuff on the
> >switch (don't know what). Same scenario for NT 4 case: Baystack switch,
> >PC's with Accton network card. Changed speed on switches (half duplex).
> >Problem did not completely disappear but sure improved.
> This sounds highly likely.  The Cisco 'stuff' they changed was probably
> 'portfast'.
> See:-
> 	http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/473/12.html
> for an explnation of why it can tkae upto a minute for a switch to start
> passing packets after the PC has come up.  Also some (Cisco specific)
> steps you can take (with detailed instructions) to reduce the problem.
> [One of the steps is to twiddle duplex settings, but it's the very last
> thing to try].
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