[Samba] Moving to Samba PDC - 2K+XP profile problems?

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Thu May 9 06:26:02 GMT 2002


Every time you change the domain name, the accounts in that domain become 
invalid.  The machine's trust accounts have individual passwords on them, 
and there's no way of making the transition any smoother than copying the 
profiles from one directory to the other.

Hope this helps

At 09:18 AM 5/9/02 -0400, Neal Lindsay wrote:
>Hello all,
>This is really a Windows question (and might be a bit off topic), but I 
>know that the people on this list would know the answers I seek better 
>than anyone.
>This weekend I am planning on moving the office from a Win2KServer-based 
>domain to a Samba-controlled domain.  The current server has been showing 
>some hardware problems and is running out of space anyway.  I have had my 
>Samba maching running for two weeks - most of the time as a PDC (different 
>domain name than the rest of the office).  I do not have it set up to host 
>Windows profiles.  When I tested it out with a Win2K client and an XP 
>client, they treated the user as a new user and created a new profile on 
>the Windows systems (as expected).  When I switched them back to the old 
>domain, they treated the user as another new user, and I had to do some 
>copying to bring back things like desktops and settings (annoying).  I do 
>not think that the registry settings went over smoothly.  Tonight, after 
>everyone has gone home, I plan to shut down the 2KServer machine 
>temporarily and rename the Samba machine's domain to the 2KServer's domain 
>and see if 2K and XP still treat the users as new users.  If that does not 
>work, does anyone know any tricks to make a transition like this go more 
>Other tidbits:
>The Win2K server is running Active Directory, but we do not use any of its 
>extra funcionality.
>We have Win98 clients, but they (of course) don't care.
>Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
>-Neal Lindsay
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