[Samba] What to do for ACL support?

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Tue May 7 17:11:08 GMT 2002


Yes, it looks like it _should_ work.  Seems that all the req'd modules are

Either way...if you want to run it on a test machine, I will help you as
best I can to work through the problems.


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»amoote at ivhs.com« sagte am 2002-05-07 um 11:06:09 -0400 :
> Well...what _should_ work and what _does_ work are two different things
> entirely.  :)

Yes, that's of course true.

> I am not a Mandrake man.  I was just trying to shed some light on the ACL
> situation, as I use ACLs and the 2.4.18 kernel with a RedHat 7.2 ext3
> installation.

Okay, but from what I've posted, you would assume that there's a chance
that it might work?

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