[Samba] Login Scripts won't run on W2K

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Mon May 6 04:01:05 GMT 2002

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Doug Campbell wrote:
| Sorry to send this to the general list but I couldn't find the information
| on how to send to the samba-ntdom list.
| I have just setup my Samba as a PDC and I am trying to get my Windows 2000
| client to login.  The client successfully logs in but does not run the
| script.
| If I log in using one of my Windows 98 clients, the login scripts run
| time with no problems.

i have the same problem (posted a day before your's, unfortunatly
unaswered until now), i was unable to use other than w2k sp2 clients,
but after upgarading to 2.2.4 the logonscripts stopped to get executed
after a while.

| Also, I noticed that if I try to type the following from the W2K command
| prompt:
| net use h: /home

this is different on nt.

use this:

net use h: \\server\%USERNAME% /persistent:no

you can also setup a script, that choices between windows nt and win9x

| It gives the following error:
| The user's home directory has not been specified.
| This also works on my Windows 98 clients.  Any idea what I am doing wrong?
| One more thing.  I can run the login script batch file after logging
in so I
| have the permissions to access it.
| My smb.conf is attached to the end of this e-mail.  Also, if you
notice why
| I can't get profiles to function, I would appreciate that as well.
| Thanks for any help that is provided!
| Doug Campbell

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