[Samba] Can't get MSDFS to work, help!

Pierre Belanger pbelang1 at oss.cantel.rogers.com
Sun May 5 12:50:31 GMT 2002


I've been trying since the past hours to configure MSDFS using 2.2.4,
compiled with --with-msdfs under Solaris but I can't get it to work :(

Here's what I've done, in the smb.conf file, I added the following:

        host msdfs = yes

        path = /export/dfsroot
        msdfs root = yes

In the /export/dfsroot I've created all of the following symlinks,
there's many cuz nothing was working so I've created all the one

  ntdb1 -> msdfs:smbhost.net.private.com\ntdb
  ntdb2 -> msdfs:smbhost.net.private.com\\ntdb
  ntdb3 -> msdfs:smbhost\\ntdb
  ntdb4 -> msdfs:smbhost\ntdb

I added "netbios name = smbhost" on the remote server.

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