[Samba] Problem on large number of shares

Jürgen Röck juergen.roeck at jmcm.de
Sun May 5 07:15:03 GMT 2002

Hello SAMBA Team,
i have a little Problem with my SAMBA Server.
Environment Description:

Windows 2000 Terminal Server (with SP2 installed)
Samba Server on a Suse Linux System
Samba Version 2.2.2 (self Compiled)
Kernel Version 2.4.18

Error Behavior:

Around 30 -40 Users are using the W2K Terminal-Server.
All users gets Shares from the Samba Server in their Login Script.
Everything seem to work fine. But sometimes users don't get their
It seems that this is the behavior when more than 128 shares would be
used from one machine.

If i am logged in to the W2K Terminal-Server and try to get a share when
there are already 128 shares in use i get an Error message in log.smbd.
This is the error message:

[2002/05/03 14:43:54, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(325)
  Couldn't find free connection.

Is this a known restriction or is it a bug ?

Thanks for any suggestions !

Juergen Roeck

juergen.roeck at jmcm.de
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