[Samba] netlogon not working

Joe Joplin joejop at triad.rr.com
Sun May 5 04:40:05 GMT 2002

What OS are the clients running?
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  Hello folks, 
  I'm setting up a file server, using RedHat 7.2, and Samba 2.2.3a. Everything is working fine, except for login scripts. I created a netlogon directory


  and set the path in the smb.conf file to point to it. I also gave it the appropriate file permissions, but when I login, Windows opens the .bat file, but fails in executing it. The login script contains nothing but the command

  net use H: \\wotan\IT

  The command fails with an error :

  Error 67: The specified shared directory cannot be found. Make sure you have specified the network name correctly. 

  Well, it is correct, I even tried using the IP address of the server, as opposed to it's name, but to the same effect. When I try running this command from a DOS prompt, it works. Anyone every see this before? Thanks for any help.

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