[Samba] A re-built WinXP won't join domain

Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at exeter.ac.uk
Fri May 3 08:17:04 GMT 2002

I had to re-build an XP system from scratch.  The system had been joining my SAMBA 
PDC OK.  Before re-building, I made the XP system leave the domain and changed it to 
just being in the workgroup.  I then did a "smbpasswd -x -m -XPPC" on the PDC.

During the re-build I did not join the PC to the domain, just put it in the 
workgroup.  One running I found that "View Workgroup Computers" failed with the 
message "<name of workgroup> is not accessible.  You might not have permission to 
use this resource".  I could examine other workgroups though.

I put the PC back into the domain with "smbpasswd -a -m -XPPC".  When I tried to 
join the PC into the domain I got the message "A domain controller for the domain 
<name of domain> could not be contacted.  When I tried "nmblookup -B XPPC '*' on the 
PDC machine I got "querying * on <correct IP address" ... "name_query failed to find 
name *".

I can only assume that SAMBA is remembering something about the PC which is now 
different.  Any suggestions please?

Phil Chambers (postmaster at exeter.ac.uk)
University of Exeter

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