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      Change browseable = no.  That way the share disappears from the
browse list.  To allow the valid users to see the share, use a login
script to map the share to a drive letter.  If you have user names
longer than 8 characters, it has been my experience that kernel oplocks
must be turned off to allow the login script to execute reliably.



W.L. Clifford, M.D., CCFP

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I have a Samba share set up that my Windows 95 clients use to access
directories on my Red Hat Linux system. I have set valid users for each
share but when the Users browse in Windows 95 they see ALL the shares
and not just the shares that they are valid users for.  When the User
clicks on a share that they are not a valid user for then samba asks for
a password and wont allow them in anyway.  BUt if they are not a valid
user I would like it set so that they dont even see the share.  Is this


Here is an example of my share



path =


browseable = yes

public = no

writable = yes

valid users = prdmgr2 intramgr


I hope someone can help me.


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