[Samba] 2 Qs, Win ME failure and SWAT issue.

Sean McHenry smchenry at columbus.rr.com
Fri May 3 07:19:01 GMT 2002


First, I installed the RedHat 7.2 rpm, I did not compile this version of 
SWAT or SAMBA.  Both wer installed as part of the RPM.

Checkeing the SAMBA 2.2.3a RPM with Query, it shows SWAT loaded as 
/usr/sbin/swat.  Checking the /etc/xinet.d/swat file, it is looking for 
SWAT there.  So that seems correct.  I did notice "disable=yes" so I 
changed that to "disable=no"  This however is due to my deleting and 
then reinstalling the RPM last night.  Still the same issue.  I can 
start smb from command line, it runs but SWAT reports it not running. 
 SWAT does however see the nmb running.  Very odd.

I have this exact same rpm version installed on my server and on my 
workstation.  Server sees everything correctly and is fully operational. 
 The workstation has the VMware install however.

NOTE: in the previous note I mentioned that there were 2 versions of smb 
loaded on the system.  This is not correct.  There was only the one 
version.  It is /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb   smbd is in /usr/sbin

I see too that there is no inetd.conf file as this system is using 
xinetd.  Nothing in those files pointing to anything swat related.

Under the /etc/vmware directory there is a seperate smb.conf file but it 
has lines stating that other SAMBA servers can run without problems as 
the vmware version is bound to a NAT port of  my versions I 
have added are on a real network at 192.168.1.x

I suppose I could try removing vmware for now.  If all this works out I 
may not need it anyway.  Perhaps there needs to be something written on 
how to add a samba server to a system with VMware already installed? 
 This is confusing for me being new at all this.


By the way, as I compiled vmware, how do I get rid of it now?



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