[Samba] Problems to compile SAMBA 2.2.1a under OS/390......

Albertus de Wet dewet.a at ghc.org
Thu May 2 11:21:04 GMT 2002


I tried to compile SAMBA v2.2.1a in Unix System Services, under OS/390 v2.10. I got up to a point where it just abends with the following message....
Compiling rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c
 Second exception at 0x0C98F0EA
 EXCEPTION of type: UNDIAGNOSED in exception handler at 0C98F0EA.  Regs:
 0AD4F250 15277C5C 0AABB438 0C98F052 0AABB728 00000000 0AE32F1C 0AABB948
 0AD64C50 0AAB86C8 0AABB318 0AABB360 0001F6E0 0AABB678 0A93BE16 00000000
 Line       Disp 000000D2   _PLIX_xpop                       Dsa: 0AABB678
 Line       Disp 0000021A   _PLIX_except                     Dsa: 0AABB3A0
 Line       Disp 00000234   RTETRP                           Dsa: 0AABB260
 --- End of call chain ---

 Original EXCEPTION details possibly follow.
 Exception of type: RTE ERR REPORT at 0C98CB83.  Regs:
 00000001 0AAB7FD8 0000003E 0C98CB6A 00000084 00000001 00000000 000E5A10
 005E40D0 000139F8 00000020 000076B0 0001F6E0 0AAB86C8 0AAB86C8 0C98CB30
 Line       Disp 00000053   $raise                           Dsa: 0AAB86C8
 Line       Disp 000000A2   _PLIX_error                      Dsa: 0AAB7F40
 Line       Disp 000001F2   _PLIX_calc                       Dsa: 0AAB7E90
 Line       Disp 00001AEE   initialize                       Dsa: 0AAB3448
 Line       Disp 000001DC   fap_main                         Dsa: 0AAB3378
 Line       Disp 00000072   fap                              Dsa: 0AAB32C8
 Line  1339 Disp 00000334   invoke_tobey                     Dsa: 0AAB2E18
 Line   414 Disp 000009D2   edcw                             Dsa: 0AAB2CE0
 Line       Disp F52B75F2   ó^                               Dsa: 0AAB2BF0
 Line  6409 Disp 00000276   Phase::DoFetch(const char*,int,  Dsa: 0AAB2AE0
 Line  6296 Disp 00000104   Phase::invoke(int,int,int,int,i  Dsa: 0AAB29A8
 Line  8235 Disp 00000808   Phases::InvokeAll(int,int,char*  Dsa: 0AAB2818
 Line 16171 Disp 00000644   preDLLmain                       Dsa: 0AAB2260
 Line 16210 Disp 0000006E   main                             Dsa: 0AAB21B8
 Line       Disp 000000AE   EDCZHINV                         Dsa: 0AAB20E0
 Line       Disp 000001A8   CEEBBEXT                         Dsa: 0AAB2018
 --- End of call chain ---
PLIX runtime system error detected: unable to allocate controlled object. Memory
 size exceeded.
System error (132): EDC5132I Not enough memory.
FSUM3065 The COMPILE step ended with return code 218.
FSUM3017 Could not compile rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.c. Correct the errors and try
FSUM8226 make: Error code 3

I am running in a 64MB TSO region, (according to the OS/390 C manual at least 48MB is required to compile the smallest C program.....)
What am I missing or doing wrong? This is not the first C program that has been compiled in USS under OS/390 2.10....

If this is not the right place to report this, please help me into the right direction. 
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