[Samba] logging number of pages being printed

P.Toth Zsigmond zsigmond at lanten.szrg.hu
Thu May 2 11:51:06 GMT 2002


i have the following problem and i couldn't find any answer to it.

I tried samba how-to, faq, nearly every kind of documentation for samba,
google, etc.

I'd like to log the number of pages beeing printed from a host.

The situation is the following:

There is a remote printer (rpl) shared by samba to my MS network.
NT users want to print on my samba printer.
They are not linux / samba users so there is no chance to log with
from printcap.
(may be i'll use domain level security
password server ((we have some problems with special hungarian
charracters)) ) 

I can log every important parameter of activity except for the number of
pages being printed.

I use the following method as print command:

print command = echo %T %I %m %U %J >> /tmp/print.log; lpr -r P'%p' %s

%T date&time
%m NetBios name
%U user 
%J title of job

Is there any way to log the number of pages such a simple way like this?
With a simple %<letter> or something?



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