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Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu May 2 08:04:02 GMT 2002

your email is hard for me to read...

samba can print to windows clients using 
smbclient  - but you have to install the proper drivers for the printer
on the samba machine to print directly from linux. If you want other
windows clients to print thru samba you can just pass their already
printer specific commands straight through.

Samba's security model is the same as unix's security model.  If you
want multiple groups to have access to a folder add all the users of
those groups to a new supergroup that will own the folder.

if you need Access Control Lists then you need and XFS filesystem or
ext2+bestbits patches to store that info.

Samba will handle either case (if compiled --with-acl-support)

enjoy samba -it'll save you a bundle over the microsoft stuff.

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 22:36, John Strohmeyer wrote:
>                         Hello people!
>                         I'm fairly new to Linux and checking it out for
> possible use by my
>                         clients(small city governments). My main
> interest is using Linux as a file
>                         and printer server in a Windows client
> environment(win98, NT, win2k). I
>                         found out rather quickly that I needed to become
> familiar w/Samba. I have
>                         a couple questions that are probably routine for
> someone out there. The
>                         first is regarding printers that are already
> shared on a Windows client
>                         PC. Can I leave such a printer in place and set
> it up on the Samba server
>                         to be used by other Windows clients? I had some
> success w/this but when I
>                         print a test page most of the text was random
> characters( a driver
>                         issue?). The second ? is about folder security.
> It seems that only one
>                         group of users can be associated with a
> particular folder, can multiple
>                         groups, each having different rights, be set up
> for the same folder? Can
>                         one group of users be a member of another group?
> Thanks for any insight. -
>                         John
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