[Samba] new to samba

John Strohmeyer johnstrohmeyer at crs-iowa.com
Thu May 2 07:39:02 GMT 2002

                        Hello people!
                        I'm fairly new to Linux and checking it out for
possible use by my
                        clients(small city governments). My main
interest is using Linux as a file
                        and printer server in a Windows client
environment(win98, NT, win2k). I
                        found out rather quickly that I needed to become
familiar w/Samba. I have
                        a couple questions that are probably routine for
someone out there. The
                        first is regarding printers that are already
shared on a Windows client
                        PC. Can I leave such a printer in place and set
it up on the Samba server
                        to be used by other Windows clients? I had some
success w/this but when I
                        print a test page most of the text was random
characters( a driver
                        issue?). The second ? is about folder security.
It seems that only one
                        group of users can be associated with a
particular folder, can multiple
                        groups, each having different rights, be set up
for the same folder? Can
                        one group of users be a member of another group?
Thanks for any insight. -

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