[Samba] Re: Yield_connection: tdb_delete failed

Tim Blaker tblaker at sympatico.ca
Wed May 1 19:00:04 GMT 2002

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> --On 05/01/2002 7:06 PM -0400 Tim Blaker wrote:
> } I have searched the archive in hopes of learning the significance of
> } message appearing in smbd.log, but the discussion centers around whether
> } not it is a bug in error logging.  In my log, each message has an IP
> } associated with it and so ???
> It's a bug.  If a connection is denied, tdb_delete should not
> be attempted.  The message is informational only.
> But it's been fixed in recent versions of samba!  What version are
> you running?

Thanks for the reply.  I meant to include version in my post but forgot;
like I said - I'm new :-( .

I'm running 2.2.1a-4.   I'll update asap (i.e. compiling things into the
kernel is on the list of things to learn).  btw, the How-to's etc. that are
available are fantastic.  I've gone from totally ignorant to (passably)
functional in just a few weeks.

But - these messages do indicate attempts to connect from the Internet
(surprise, surprise) ...
Sure makes me glad I have started to use this stuff instead of Win95 :-))


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