Fw: Can't see samba server

Luis Luis at paycom.net
Sun May 19 14:49:28 GMT 2002

Alan Murrell wrote:

> Greetings again, all!
> Just in case it's useful,  here is my smb.conf file (it's very simple right
> now, as it is only for testing pusposes.  Once I get it working right, then
> it'll be filled in!)
> <-----START----->
> [global]
>         workgroup = HOME
>         encrypt passwords = yes
>         netbios name = TAMIRA
> [homes]
>         comment = Home Directory
>         path = /home/
>         read-only = no
>         guest ok = yes
> <-----END----->
> The workgroup name on the Win98 VM *is* HOME.  TAMIRA is the name of the
> Samba server.  Once again, thanx, in advance.
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> Alan Murrell <alanm at vcn.bc.ca>
> http://www.zoolink.com/alan/
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Are you sure that your samba server is running . Other thing what version of
linux are you using. try doing this command and see it theres anything wrong
with it.

$testparm -----------that will test out your server also try this
$ ps aux | grep smb ----------that will tell you if your have your child
$ ps aux | grep nmb ---------- the same thing as above

make sure that both of them are running if not start them up
/etc/rc.d/init.d/ smb start
 give it a few mintues to show up in your windows machine. if you have more
problems let me know ok


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