[Samba] Slow File transfer between Samba and Win2k

Jolke Perelaer J.Perelaer at students.chem.uu.nl
Fri Jun 28 06:36:03 GMT 2002

I have a Samba file server and a dual boot Win98/Win2k client. Copying file from the Client in Win98 to the Samba server gives no problems:

(I copied one 6 mb file)

Samba server -> Win98 Client    550 kb/s
Samba server <- Win98 Client    500 kb/s

But then from Samba server to Win2k Client:

Samba server -> Win2k Client    190 kb/s
Samba server <- Win2k Client    18 kb/s

Because of the fact that I use a dual boot, I can narrow the problem to Windows 2000, instead of Samba or even my network properties. I must admit that I am new to this newsgroup, so I do not know how many further info I should give. I also could not find anything about this problem on the web.

Any help would be appreciated!

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