[Samba] Can't create profile directory

SANTOS Alexandre Moutinho alexandre.santos at contacto.sonae.pt
Wed Jun 26 04:51:02 GMT 2002

Adding nt acl support = no didn't resolve the problem for me.
As I said, this error only happens the first time i log in.

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Le Mercredi 26 Juin 2002 11:19, Wim Mevissen a écrit :
> Finally I got SAMBA acting as an PDC. I can see the users of my domain, my
> logon script is working, ...
> But my profile directory can't get created eventhough I have given
> ALL rights (CHMOD 777). I still get the message beneath when logging in:
> "Windows cannot create profile directory \\srvlin\home\profiles\mevi.pds.
> You will be logged on with a local profile only.
> Changes to the profile will not be propagated to the server.
> Contact your network administrator.
> DETAIL - Access is denied."
> I added the next lines in SMB.CONF:
> logon script       = logon%U.bat
> logon drive        = H:
> logon home         = \\%L\%U\.profiles
> logon path         = \\%L\home\profiles\%U
> [profiles]
> comment           = Profiles (%h)
> writeable         = yes
> browseable        = no
> path              = /home/profiles
> create mask       = 0600
> directory mask    = 0700
> When I look to the directory properties from my WIN2K machine I see that
> I've got all the rights. Has anyone got an idea what's wrong?
> Thanks,
> Mevi


Try adding:

nt acl support = no

to your [profiles] share definition. Another hint would be:

"Are the domain accounts you're using members of the local group "users" on 
your win2k/XP workstation???"

This is a typical "my profiles are not working" mistake, especially when the

system is not able to create .pds files on the server ;o)

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