[Samba] Unix map to Win2K

Woods Marc A Contr WRALC/LNXA Marc.Woods at robins.af.mil
Tue Jun 25 08:38:02 GMT 2002


I was hoping to solicit a bit of help in mapping a unix server to a win2k
server.  What I would like to do is something similar to what smbmount would
do for a linux environment.  

I use Tru64 Unix and have downloaded and installed samba 2.2.4 on the unix
server.  What I would like to do is now be able to map the c: drive of the
win2k server to the unix server.  I know how to set up samba to run the
other way.  win2k to map to a Unix server....I am just sketchy on how to
accomplish this in reverse.

Thanks in advance

Marc Woods
Network Systems Manager
Comm: (478) 926-5404 DSN: 468-5404
Science Applications International Corporation

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