[Samba] Buffer in Windows holding samba info

David Busby busby at pnts.com
Fri Jun 21 13:28:03 GMT 2002

	Seems like the issue is not Samba but Windows clients not updating 
properly.  If you are reading remotly over a slow link I think that 
windows will cache some information to spped up the process of remote 
directory listing and such.  Windows also has the "Make Available 
offline" feature that might be causing the issue.  Can you connect to 
the Samba box on the local subnet?  If so can you duplicate the issue on 
the local subnet?  Maybe just having the windows clients refresh the 
view will give a new PIDL set to windows.  The caching information that 
windows keeps is stored in memory space for the explorer.exe process so 
maybe you could kill and restart explorer to have it re-query the Samba 

Just thoughts

Kevin Procter in Beamsville on notebook wrote:
> My client is using Samba to read information on their web server from
> SCO Open Server 5.  They are having this problem:
> Windows holds old information, rather than getting new information from
> Samba once a file is updated.
> Is there any way to force samba to go and look for new data everytime
> Windows makes a request for data?
> Thanks!

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