[Samba] swat questions

Paul Crittenden crittend at storm.simpson.edu
Wed Jun 19 08:28:31 GMT 2002

I have 2 questions concerning swat:

1. On my test machine I have swat set up and working. I can only login to 
swat as anyone but root. I get:
401 Bad Authorization
username or password incorrect, error.

But I can login as a regular user just fine.

I have other samba servers set up and root can login with no problem, so 
something is configured wrong on this machine. Here is my smb.conf file:

# Global parameters
         interfaces = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/
         security = SHARE
         encrypt passwords = yes
         unix password sync = yes
         passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd.unix %u
         passwd chat debug = yes
         passwd chat = *New* %n\n *Retype* %n\n
         password level = 8
#       update encrypted = yes
         log file = /usr/local/samba/logs/log.%m
         log level = 100
         max log size = 500
#       time server = Yes
         printcap name = /etc/printcap
         guest account = guest
         invalid users = root
         hosts allow = xxx.xxx.xxx.0/
         printing = bsd

         comment = Home Directories
         read only = No
         create mask = 0755
         browseable = No

2. Is there anyway to make it so regular users can only see the Home and 
Password buttons and not the Status and View buttons? If I want to let 
users change there password using this tool I don't really want then to 
view the server configuration.

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