[Samba] Epson Printing...

Ryan L. Hackl r.hackl at sk.sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 18 14:30:03 GMT 2002


According to www.linuxprinting.org, the EPSON Stylus Color 600 should work "perfectly" with the stp driver, included in my distribution of linux (RedHat 7.2).  And when I set up the printer (using printconf-gui), the setup is successful.  However, when I try to print any file using this configuration, I get the following line, repeated:

**** Unable to open the inital device, quitting.

BTW - trying different drivers from my distribution disks (ex/ stp-color) also produces strange printout messages.  (A strange symbol, instead of the text I sent it).

Any ideas?  Any help would (as always) be appreciated.

- Ryan
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