[Samba] Domain renaming problem.

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Tue Jun 18 06:59:02 GMT 2002

Hay guys, I'm looking for some advice here.  The company I work for is
implementing Windows 2000 workstations in the future.  At the moment we
have Samba 2.2.4 acting as an NT 4.0 PDC, with out a problem I might
add.  But alas the rest of the people here in my company will not even
think about running Linux.  So I'm going to have to move over to a
Windows 2000 / XP DC.  My problem is that I am using the name
"CityOfColumbia" as the domain name on the Linux box.  I need to run the
name on the Windows box in the end.  Is it possible to put multiple NICs
in the Linux box and bind one instance of Samba to eth0 as domain
"CityOfColumbia", and bind another instance of Samba to eth1 as
"TempDomain" while sharing the smbpasswd file and profiles directory? 
Thus I could gracefully migrate all my workstations off "CityOfColumbia"
to "TempDomain" so I could in turn down samba "CityOfColumbia".  Freeing
up the name "CityOfColumbia" so I can bring the Windows 2000 / XP on
line with that name.  I know this is a long way around and you could say
poor planning in the beginning.  But in the beginning they were going to
let me use Linux.  That was before the CNEs got their hands in the mix. 
Apparently they say "...any one could figure out Windows 2000 / XP...".

Thanks for your help in this matter.  :)
Grant Taylor

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