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Fri Jun 14 01:12:03 GMT 2002

> my solution (found in some ldap-samba-pdc-howto) was to set the
> pwdMustChange to 2147483647 (which is far in the future: 2030 or
> something)
thank you very much! your solution solved this problem.

>> 2. the unix password sync doesn't work. but i think there are two
>> different problems, but let me describe: if i activated the password
>> sync, i got on
> you have to set the password chat to something that reflects your
> systems password chat (no na)
i knew it - (no na) ;-)
my heavy situation is, that the chat expects [New password: ] and receives
[New password: ] , but it says no match
following row is from the log:

   expect: expected [New password: ] received [New password: ] match no

this is my problem! is there a bug or is my config faulty:

   passwd chat = New\spassword:\s %n\n Re-enter\snew\spassword:\s %n\n
   passwd program = /etc/ldappwdsmb %u

the programm ldappwdsmb is a script which calls ldappasswd as root!

would it be possible to send me your configfiles to compare with mine? in
my opinion, there's only one little mistake that let the sync crash!

>> 3. the domain group map doesn't work! i found a lot of descriptions
>> about
> i have not tried this yet, but i think that 2.2.3a does not supprt
> domain-group-mapping (but 2.2.4 should ???)
i saw mails from lists where persons told about working group-map with
earlier versions as 2.2.3 (!), but maybe i'm wrong!

thomas reisenbichler

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