[Samba] DHCP and Samba

Roland Schmid linux at net-service-24.de
Thu Jun 13 23:05:02 GMT 2002

> Hi:

> Is it possible to use samba and dhcp at the same time?  I have a linux 
> box that shares its dsl connection with a windows 2000 pro box through 
> dhcp, so the w2k box gets automatically an ip address from the linux 
> box.  I can't get samba to work so far, the w2k box says that linux box 
>  does not have an available network connection or something like that. 
>  It worked before, when it had a fixed ip address. Any comments or 
> suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

Sure it does work,
dhcp or static IP Address does not matter to the function.
But there is no need to use Samba to share a Internet connection. The
Linux-System just works as a router and sends the IP-Packages to the
next (external) router to resolve the Host-Names.
It seems you have a network problem.
First check if TCP/IP is working ok, (ping then check if Samba is installed
ok and works as it should. See the commands in the Samba man pages.
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
linux at net-service-24.de

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