[Samba] Anyone using antivirus software?

Oscar Chao ochao at sunpowercorp.com
Thu Jun 13 13:33:06 GMT 2002

Computer Associates eTrust InoculateIT can do real time anti-virus
protection as far as I know, although recompilation of the kernel is


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Hello list,
           I was just wondering if anyone is using anti-virus software
on their Samba server. I have protection on my clients, but I want to
run software on the server too. I've looked at McAfee's Virus Scan, but
as far as I can tell, it only uses "on-demand" scanning, meaning I have
to trigger it from the command line, or run a cron job. I would like to
have something that is real-time, and detects an infected immediately,
without my interaction. This is how the McAfee AV software works on the
client PC's running Windows. Anyone know of a similar product?
Forgot to mention I'm running Red Hat 7.2

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