[Samba] Samba 2.2.5pre1 + OpenLDAP + Ldap replication

Åke Holmlund holm at informatik.umu.se
Wed Jun 12 04:57:02 GMT 2002


This is a configuration problem concerning both Sanba and OpenLDAP.
I'm testing a setup involving 2-3 Samba servers and 2-3 Ldap servers.
I would like to setup 1 master Ldap server and the rest as slave servers
with replication from the master to the slaves. The Samba servers will be
"talking to" different LDAP servers. The problem i how to cope with updates
from the Samba servers who are using the slave Ldap servers.

I have tried to configure the slave Ldap server with an updateref (slapd.conf)
to redirect the updates to the master Ldap server but I guess this is not
supported in Samba or have I done something wrong?

The other way is probably to make all Ldap servers masters and make them
replicate updates to all other Ldap servers but this setup seems to me
as potentially dangerous.

Have anybody else tried this type of setup and, if so, how have You
done it?


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