[Samba] printer drivers

Mark Brosius mark at mebrosius.com
Tue Jun 11 09:19:02 GMT 2002

Thanks for responding.
On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Van Sickler, Jim wrote:

> I think I've lost the big picture...time to
> step back and look at what you're trying
> (and unable) to do.
> 1.  Is \\server\Printer being added to
> the clients as a Network or Local Printer?


> 2.  If Network, are you trying to install
> the printer drivers from the server

  I am installing the drivers from the client

> 3.  Are you a member of the Linux admins
> group?

  Good question.  I don't think so.

> 4.  Did you delete the default printer
> apps on the Linux box, and create symlinks
> to the cups equivalents? (e.g. lpr, lprm, lpd, lpq)
> (This has bitten me on OpenBSD upgrades;  the
> upgrade overwrites the symlinks with executables,
> and I have to go back and redo the LPRng symlinks)

  I did not delete the printer apps on the Linux box

> 5.  Re-read the doc's and HOW-TOs for printing
> setup-a lot has changed in 2.2.x...maybe something
> will pop up that you missed.

  Okay. Dumb question, where are they.  I can't seem to find them.

> 6.  If you're not interested in the spoolss support,
> or it gives you more pain than pleasure (my case!!!)
> use "disable spoolss=yes" and "use printer driver=no"
> in smb.conf's [Global], remove all connections to
> \\server\Printer in your workstations' Printers and
> the Registry.  Then re-install \\server\Printer as
> a Network Printer, and the Port it attaches to should
> show up listed in the Properties as a LAN Manager
> Printer Port.  This is the pre-spoolss type of printer
> connection, and I think the easier to set up/manage.

  I haven't even considered spoolss.

> 7.  Linux prints via cups, and you can see the share-
> you're almost there...

  To be honest, I'm not sure how I am printing from linux.  Maybe it is
cups...maybe not.  Sorry.  I am able to see the share from the windows
client though.

> Good luck!

  Thanks, I think I need it.  I appreciate your help!

> Jim

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