[Samba] getent group

David Shapiro david.shapiro at btitele.com
Mon Jun 10 13:14:03 GMT 2002

I loaded up solaris 9 on a test system that as samba head on it.  Solaris 9
has a cool new command called apptrace.  I was curious if it would give any
new information about why we can not see our Domain Users group information
when I run getent group:

getent   -> libc.so.1:__flsbuf(0xa, 0x22ab8, 0x23a1c)

getent   -> libc.so.1:getgrent() = 0x0 errno = 34 (Result too large)
getent   -> libc.so.1:exit(status = 0)

Anyway, it looks like libc.so.1 that is whining about Result too large.  I
hope this helps...


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