[Samba] Dangers of oplock break wait time

Andrey Y. Mosienko feo at ttn.ru
Thu Jun 6 21:55:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 10:06:45PM +0200, Peter Schuller wrote:
> > What version of Samba. What clients ? What are the symptoms ?
>> Various versions, including the latest stable release as of this moment.
>> Win2k on the clients. Symptoms are long delays when opening Word/Excel
>> documents; along with (sometimes) error messages about file permissions
>> after the delay is over.

>I presume that is 2.2.4 ? Or are you testing the SAMBA_2_2 CVS ?
>If not, I'd recommend doing that as we're preparing for a 2.2.5
>release soon and extra feedback would be good.

> As far as I can tell I'm experiencing a known issue (I've seen people
> talk about this in various mailinglist archives). I'm just wondering
> what dangerous side effects changing the oplock break wait time
> parameter might have - it's supposedly a possible fix. But the man page
> makes it sound pretty dangerous to fiddle with that particular option,
> so I am hesitant to try it.

>>No, not really a known issue with the Samba code as such. Many
>>people experience this problem when they're having networking
>>problems. Samba reports these problems in the log files, WinNT
>>and above just silently ignore them (the network goes a bit
>>slower when it happens) so people report it more to us.

>I've often been tempted to just supress the error messages
>so people don't report it :-) :-). That's the Microsoft solution
>here :-).

I have the same problem.
I am using Samba 2.2.4. I think problem is not to reports errors in log files.
Microsoft NT server doesn't slow file opening but Samba does! I thing it would 
be very good when this problem will be solved.

I think all people don't need Active directiory and other lesser features. 
But all of them need VERY STABLE AND ROBUST file server. 
If it will work as well as NT 4.0 it will be the greatest thing you would do.

with respection Andrey Feofilactovich.
e-mail: feo at ttn.ru, feo at feo.org.ru
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