[Samba] Trust Domains ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Wed Jun 5 07:25:02 GMT 2002

Thanks all for responding, it seems my digest samba mail had a virus, so I 
did not get to read all the reply (I am sure there were many ;-) )

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Sylvestre Taburet wrote:
>>Le Mardi 4 Juin 2002 15:23, C.Lee Taylor a écrit :
>>>Greetings ...
>>>      Please could someone confirm that Samba 2.2.x and Samba 3.0 ( Head ) does
>>>not support Trusts between domains.
>>2.2.X doesn't, 3.0 will, though I don't know if CVS version does it yet.
>>It should be possible with TNG, but I never tried:
	Will look at this if all else does not work ...

> I understand it goes like this:
	Kewl ...

> Samba 2.2 supports being trusted by NT.  Its a bit odd, and mainly works
> due to the fact that domain logons and interdomain logons are almost
> exactly the same.  Not 'supported', and only works for NT domains with
> just a PDC.
	Okay, I hope nobody minds me asking a few question ...

	I have DOMA, which is an NT4 domain with Exchange 5.5, DOMB is my little 
Linux server with Samba 2.2.x ( hoping to use 2.2.5 ).  If I understand 
this, DOMA needs to trust DOMB so that the users in DOMB can access their 
mail in the DOMA Exchange server?  Am I right? And would this work?

> Samba HEAD has support for both being trusted by NT and trusting NT.  We
> don't support doing anything with Win2k ATM.  Trusting NT is still a
> work in progress, but we have shown the basic concepts.
	I don't really wish to play with Samba Head, but I love to learn ...

> Samba TNG claims support for being trusted, but I've not tested it
> myself.  You will need current CVS - TNG was able to pick up some of
> HEAD's work in this area to get around some nasty bugs.  Samba-TNG
> trusting NT domains is a bit dodgy, becouse you need to setup the
> 'username map' manually.
	I don't really wish to play with TNG, but I love to learn ...

Thanks guys.

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