[Samba] subnet browsing crappy solution!

Costin Manda cmanda at mail.castrum.ro
Tue Jun 4 02:16:03 GMT 2002

  Trying all the stupid methods to solve the issue of Win2k hosts from
different subnets that can't be seen in the NetworkNeighbourhood when server
is Samba on Linux (including reading the F***ing manuals and not finding
anything useful or browsing through the source of samba until my eyes fall
in my mouth) I have decided that they were, well... ,stupid and chose to try
crappy solutions! One of them worked!

  As I have a network of more subnets linked through routers that
communicate via the internet, I instructed all routers to send the netbios
broadcast packets from their subnets to the linux server. Now all the
computers show in the NN, without any difficulty in access. And the issue of
clogging the net with broadcast packets isn't that grave, as they are small
and transmited only from time to time.

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