[Samba] Re: Why can I not see this w2k host (dreaded subnet browsing question)

Stephen Moore stephen at bundaberg.qld.gov.au
Mon Jun 3 21:58:02 GMT 2002

[root at neo /root]# nmblookup -U neo -R S00195_1
querying S00195_1 on
name_query failed to find name S00195_1

Looks like i can not see  the w2k server in wins (should I be able to 
see it, it is in a different workgroup)

Stephen Moore wrote:

> We have two sites, one samba wins server and one w2k server (supplied 
> for a particular task by someone else)
> The two sites are "foo" and "bar"
> We have two workgroups, "local" and "vendor"
> "Vendor" workgroup is at site "foo"
> All of our computers are in the "local" workgroup, and everyone at our 
> two sites can see all the computers at each site in the browser and 
> browse their shares in this workgroup.
> Computers at the remote ("bar") site can see the "vendor" workgroup 
> and see the remote host but cannot brouse its shares.
> Why is it so? We were running redhat 6.2 an 2.0.10, I upgraded to 
> samba 2.4.0 to see if this made any difference (it doesn't seem to have)
> Any hints on subnet cross workgroup browsing?

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