[Samba] Why can I not see this w2k host (dreaded subnet browsing question)

Stephen Moore stephen at bundaberg.qld.gov.au
Mon Jun 3 21:39:02 GMT 2002

We have two sites, one samba wins server and one w2k server (supplied 
for a particular task by someone else)

The two sites are "foo" and "bar"

We have two workgroups, "local" and "vendor"

"Vendor" workgroup is at site "foo"

All of our computers are in the "local" workgroup, and everyone at our 
two sites can see all the computers at each site in the browser and 
browse their shares in this workgroup.

Computers at the remote ("bar") site can see the "vendor" workgroup and 
see the remote host but cannot brouse its shares.

Why is it so? We were running redhat 6.2 an 2.0.10, I upgraded to samba 
2.4.0 to see if this made any difference (it doesn't seem to have)

Any hints on subnet cross workgroup browsing?

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