[Samba] access files via web

pilsl at goldfisch.at pilsl at goldfisch.at
Sun Jun 2 02:58:02 GMT 2002

I wonder if there is a tool out there that makes a given samba-server
accessible via the web. My users need to access some of their files
from remote machines and building up a VPN would be very complicated,
cause users switch their machines or use public access-points.  So I
thought of a web-frontend for samba that allows to browse and

security is not the main-concern, cause one one side we need ssl and
on the other side users and managment are not willing to deal with any
kind of per-user-certificates anyway, cause "this is much to
complicated, exepensive and we dont need it " :)


mag. peter pilsl
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pilsl at goldfisch.at

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