[Samba] RE: Solaris/Winbind Problems

David Shapiro david.shapiro at btitele.com
Wed Jul 31 10:54:02 GMT 2002

Yes, it kind of sucks that it does not work correctly.   I did the following
kluge for now:

I did the following:

In /usr/sbin, I created a script called passwd:

trap ""  2 3
sudo mv /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.winbind
sudo mv /etc/nsswitch.conf.nowinbind /etc/nsswitch.conf
/usr/bin/passwd $1
sudo mv /etc/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf.nowinbind
sudo mv /etc/nsswitch.conf.winbind /etc/nsswitch.conf
trap  2 3

I created in /etc/:

nsswitch.conf.winbind		(has the winbind options)
nsswitch.conf.nowinbind		(does not have the winbind options)

I installed sudo, and added the following in its configuration file:

Cmnd_Alias SAMBAPASSWD = /usr/bin/mv /etc/nsswitch.conf
/etc/nsswitch.conf.winbind, \
                         /usr/bin/mv /etc/nsswitch.conf.nowinbind
/etc/nsswitch.conf, \
                         /usr/bin/mv /etc/nsswitch.conf
/etc/nsswitch.conf.nowinbind, \
                         /usr/bin/mv /etc/nsswitch.conf.winbind

This allows users to change their passwords.  

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I noticed a couple of your newsgroups posts from back in March stating
that you were having some issues getting the Solaris passwd command to
work when you had winbind enabled.  Were you able to solve this problem?
I've been unabled to solve it.  I called Sun for support and once they
heard the magic word "Samba" they bailed and said "Not our problem."

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

Eric L. Helvey
ISS, Premise Support

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