[Samba] Re: Joining a domain spanned across different subnets

Jeffrey Martin Jeff.Martin at Sun.COM
Tue Jul 30 16:08:02 GMT 2002


I'm having the same problem...Any resolution yet? However I am using a
NAT system between my two subnets and my logs show I definately get elected as the master on subnet (x) where the samba server is, but I need it to propogate to subnet (y) where the client is trying to sign in from. Any ideas out there? Please help if you can, thanks.


Mark Andrews wrote:
> Hello,
> I've read all the documentation on this subject, but am wondering if
> anyone has a trick up their sleeve that i can use. I've got samba
> 2.2.5 configured as a PDC amd WINS server on network I've
> also got a windows 98 or windows 2000 machine on network The
> netmask on both networks is So, it looks like:
>     [ samba ] <-> [ router ] <-> [ windows box ]
> I've set the WINS server on the windows box to the IP address of the
> samba server and attempt to join the domain using a username/password
> of
> "root/root's smb passwd". The windows box complains that the user does
> not exist. I've tried adding "remote announce = <broadcast address of
> network>", but if there's no other browse master running on
> that network, i don't see the point of that directive.
> Do i have to setup a samba server on network, configured as a
> local master browser in order for the domain join request to succeed
> or is there an alternate way of facilitating the addition to the
> domain?

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