[Samba] Netlogon

todd at laschools.org todd at laschools.org
Tue Jul 30 14:37:02 GMT 2002

> As a matter of interest, how do you tend to configure the login
scripts?  For example, do  you create one for each user, or a
system-wide one, or both?
>>From my experience with Netware, where you could have a system-wide
script, and
> then have comments such as, 'if member of <group>, then do this' to
tailor it for  different users, I tend to prefer the system-wide
approach, as the administrator only has  to edit one file to make
changes.  Each user could also have their own script that was  executed
after the system script.  Is such a thing possible with Samba and
Windows  scripts?

Do a google search for "samba ntlogon".  The third hit will be the detail
page at Freshmeat for the ntlogon script so you can download it from there
(it's a small python script).  The first hit will be a Mandrake page with
a HOWTO about using it in samba (doesn't matter what distro you run).  It
ends up being rather painless.  It generates the scripts from a template
file (only config file you have to edit) as the user logs in, runs it for
login, then deletes it when they logout.  Simple, elegant, the way it
always should have been.  It turns into a mildly accurate assessment of
who's logged in currently (can't trust it 100% though).

Blue skies...                    Todd

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