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Joerg Lenneis lenneis at wu-wien.ac.at
Tue Jul 30 13:44:03 GMT 2002

Nash Computer Technology:

> Duh!  I hadn't selected the 'logon to NT Domain' box on the Windows client.  I was tired 
> - that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!  Got confused between workgroups and 
> domains again....

> As a matter of interest, how do you tend to configure the login scripts?  For example, do 
> you create one for each user, or a system-wide one, or both?

> From my experience with Netware, where you could have a system-wide script, and 
> then have comments such as, 'if member of <group>, then do this' to tailor it for 
> different users, I tend to prefer the system-wide approach, as the administrator only has 
> to edit one file to make changes.  Each user could also have their own script that was 
> executed after the system script.  Is such a thing possible with Samba and Windows 
> scripts?

> Thanks again

> David 

You have much more flexibility in Samba due to the various %[letter]
substitutions in smb.conf. You could, for instance, name the startup
script as

logon script = %U.bat

That would give you a script that is named after the user logging in
or you could use %G.bat for a group specific setup. The actual files
used for startup do not have to be different for all users, you can
use hard- or softlinks as appropriate.

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Joerg Lenneis

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