[Samba] Win2k file Synchronization with Samba PDC. Offline Browsing Problem

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Tue Jul 30 01:06:02 GMT 2002

what samba version do you use?

i´ve  several notebooks working fine with "synchro-feature" of w2k
i´m using 2.2.5

S C wrote:

> Hello All,     I am having a small problem with some of my users.  I
> am moving my office from a Windows NT workgroup to a Samba PDC.     I
> have a few users that use the off line browsing feature on Windows.
> This allows them to access files when they are no longer connected to
> the network. Essentially keeping a cached copy of the file server on
> their local drive.     My user had marked certain folders on the
> server for offline browsing.  When he is logging off the network,
> win2k goes through and makes sure everything is synchronized.  He will
> then go home and log in under the domain again, and use a cached copy
> as the PDC is unavailable.  All the offline folders show up as well as
> all the files, but none of them are accessible.  He can come back to
> work, login to the domain and access the files again no problem.     I
> think I have narrowed the problem down to:        1.  The permissions
> on the file are being checked against on the PDC, but the user is not
> actually logged onto the domain and there is no PDC to actually check
> the rights.  Would one assume I am correct? Sooo....if anybody
> understood what I said:)...does anybody have solution? Cheers and
> Thank YouSono
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