[Samba] Windows NT/2000/XP printer driver downloading

Frank Ling ling at atd.ucar.edu
Fri Jul 26 11:46:05 GMT 2002


I am new to the Samba world. I have a question regarding the Windows
NT/2000/XP automatically printer driver downloading.

Do we, the Sysadmins, have to set up different printer entries in
smb.conf to tell the Windows NT/2000/XP end users to use different
printer drivers for their systems? Or Does the Samba have the capability
of automatically identifying client OS, then download different printer
drivers for Win NT/2000/XP accordingly, even each printer has only one
entry in smb.conf? I assume that the printer drivers for Windows
NT/2000/XP will be stored on /etc/local/samba/printers/W32X86 directory.

After checking with your discussion about this issue, it seems to me
that Samba uses cookies to identify the client OS. But my understanding
could be wrong.

Currently we have Samba 2.2.3-pre on Solaris 8, and we are testing Samba
2.2.5 for Solaris 8 on another machine.

Thanks for your help.

Frank Ling
Systems Administrator

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