[Samba] OOT - Neighbour table overflow

Daniel Tan danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg
Thu Jul 25 00:22:03 GMT 2002

Hi all,
        i have encountered a Neighbour table overflow error when startin my
rh 7.0 server. This has never happened before and my mail server was working
fine all along when suddenly it just conk up! what should i do? i read a lot
of post about this error but not much solutions. It keeps prompting me with
messages suppressed....it creates a load of problems on my NIS domain and
yp* commands have difficulty getting to work properly...i tried to create
ifconfig lo netmask and it seems to help a little...my
loopback interface is working fine all the while but y this sudden need to
create it manually? after i restart the server, the loopback is gone

if i type ifconfig, only eth0 appears
but if i type ifconfig -a, both lo and eth0 appears.
but if i add in a loopback manually, i type ifconfig and it appears both

i really need help urgently...what can i do?? the staff are pulling my hair
outta my head coz the mail server is having a lot of problems....

MIS Department

Daniel Tan
7469188 Ext.665
MIS Department
Shop N Save Pte Ltd
: danieltan at shopnsave.com.sg

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