[Samba] Samba as the PDC and Windows 2000 clients - a question about Group Policys

Amadej Bukorovic amadej at minet.si
Wed Jul 24 16:13:01 GMT 2002

Hello everyone
First off, I'm not exactly a Windows 2000 expert (to clear that up) but
I did manage to get Samba working as the primary domain controler and
successfully log into the domain via a workstation running Windows 2000
(yay!). Mandatory and roaming users all seem to work fine but now I am
stuck at permissions.

Here's my exact problem: 
I have two groups on my Samba server - teacher and student.
The members of the student group are mandatory users, whilst the members
of the teacher group are roaming users. So far I got this part to work.

My problem is that when a user, either a member of the student or
teacher group, logs in a Windows 2000 workstation he can't really do
much, since
The Windows 2000 workstation doesn't have a student or teacher group and
therefore none of the Group Policys apply to them. 

And my question is (drum role please): How can I fix this?
Do I have to edit each workstation's group list and add a local version
of the student and teacher group and then edit each workstation's Group
Policy and correct it accordingly, or is there a way to make the
"grab" the Group Policy off the Samba server (I presume there is..so
bare with me)?

I've been reading trugh the Samba HOW-TO collection and noticed that for
Windows NT's System Policy all one needs to do is to edit NtConfig.pol
a workstation and then copy this file to the netlogon directory.
Is the procedure the saim for Windows 2000 and it's GPO and what is the
filename (and it's location) in that case?
And if not...how/what then? :)

Thanks for the answer in advance,

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