[Samba] RE: A Suggestion

peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au peter.a.bryant at mainroads.qld.gov.au
Mon Jul 22 20:06:02 GMT 2002

Trevor, you are right;  this is a great forum for help, but the interface
definitely leaves some things to be desired.

In my very humble opinion, I would love it if every message that appeared
on this list was also posted to the Samba forum on Tek-Tips;
     www.tek-tips.com    (search for forum called andrew tridgell: samba)
which has a beautiful interface.
Tek-Tips makes it so easy to follow a thread.  Also allows notification when
there is a new post to a thread you mark.   Best of all, easy searching of
previous postings, and a FAQ section.

There is so much knowledge in this mailing list it seems a shame not to use it's
full potential.   Tek-tips could possibly save some time with people not having
to answer the same questions repeatedly (although there will always be
a bit of that).

No, Tek-Tips are not paying me, but I am a big fan.

I am not an IT guru, just newby so please feel free to point out to me
any disadvantages there could be in making use of Tek-Tips.



>Hello all.
>I belong to a few mailing lists as I'm in the process of learning and
installing a few Linux based applications.
>My personal opinion is this is the best of them, mainly because of the amount
of people who are subscribed.
>I guess I get in the region of 400 e-mails a day from samba at samba.org.
>The problem for me is the amount of mail I receive when I'm busy.
>I have to go through tons of the stuff untill I get to ones I can help with.
>Maybe the mailing list team could have set subjects or words that would
>denote specific field of samba, lets say one for windows XP, and any questions
>about this would have [XP] in the front of the subject, or say [GEN] for the
more general
>problems and so on.  This way I could use my mail rules to get quick access to
>questions I can answer when time doesn't allow browsing.
>What do you guys and girls think?
>Cheers ,Trevor.

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