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Trevor Fraser trevor at systematic.co.za
Mon Jul 22 03:32:09 GMT 2002

Hello all.

I belong to a few mailing lists as I'm in the process of learning and installing a few Linux based applications. My personal opinion is this is the best of them, mainly because of the amount of people who are subscribed. I guess I get in the region of 400 e-mails a day from samba at samba.org. 
The problem for me is the amount of mail I receive when I'm busy. I have to go through tons of the stuff untill I get to ones I can help with.  Maybe the mailing list team could have set subjects or words that would denote specific field of samba, lets say one for windows XP, and any questions about this would have [XP] in the front of the subject, or say [GEN] for the more general problems and so on.  This way I could use my mail rules to get quick access to the questions I can answer when time doesn't allow browsing.

What do you guys and girls think?
Cheers ,Trevor.        
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